Watercraft Value Miami FL

You might not think much about having your boat or other watercraft appraised. Your collector car, yes. But your watercraft? Maybe not so much. However, your watercraft or boat is just as important to get appraised as any other item you own. It’s one of your most significant investments, and it needs to be protected with an independent appraisal. When you’re looking for the best in watercraft value Miami FL has to offer, give us a call.

We are known mostly as auto appraisers, but we are also qualified and skilled in appraising water craft and boats. Our appraisers are trained in how to carefully examine anything with wheels or that floats in the water. They cover each vehicle inch by inch in their inspections and appraisals. They document each and every customization, area of damage, and more to make sure that your appraisal is accurate.

It’s not just the opinion of the appraiser that goes into the valuation of your boat or watercraft. Using an extensive database of comparable sales that they have exclusive access to, they can best determine the value of your water vehicle based on market research, not just on what they, as an individual, think it will fetch on the market.

When you work with an appraiser, you will receive a comprehensive and well-documented appraisal digitally as well as a hard-bound copy in the mail. It will be chock-full of photographs and detailed notes covering the condition of the vehicle and any customizations or restorations you’ve done. You can be sure that the appraiser will give your watercraft or boat a thorough going-over so that you can have the most accurate valuation possible.

This is important for insurance purposes, especially. You want to make sure you’re getting the right coverage. A valuation of the watercraft or boat by an insurance appraiser not skilled in appraising them, specifically, can leave you with an unfair market value assigned to your water vehicle. An independent appraisal is critical for you to be able to get the right insurance coverage.

An appraisal is also important in cases of bankruptcy, divorce, estate settlement, finance appraisals, pre-purchase inspections, and expert witness in court. You can also use an appraisal for replacement value, agreed insurance policy value, prior-to-loss market value, diminished valuation, and more. You’ll also want an appraisal if you’re looking to sell your vehicle so you know how much you can reasonably sell it for.

Call us when you’re ready to get the best watercraft value Miami FL can provide.