Water treatment is necessary

Now days, there are many industries, factories which polluting our environment day by day. Due to these pollutants, water is also polluting and that polluted water is very harmful for one’s health.  There is a need a treatment of water because if person uses that unsafe and unclean water for personal use such as drinking, bathing, washing, it may cause some kind of problem for that person.

This unclean water has many toxic chemicals and bacteria which are harmful for the health of individual. Water treatment can remove lots of water problem. Here are some water problems which can be removed by water treatment.

Hard Water

Hard water is most common water problem face by people across the world. The salts of calcium and magnesium are present in hard water. The hard water cannot be used easily with soap as it creates scum. Hard water is not safe for drinking also.

Chlorine water

Chlorine produces unpleasant smell and taste in water. It can give you an irritation in sensitive parts such as eyes. If you are using chlorine water for personal use such as drinking, bathing, washing etc, then it may leads to a very big problem as this water is not safe for our health.

Toxic chemicals and bacteria

There are thousands of chemicals and bacteria present in water which are very harmful for human beings. The chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, benzene etc are present in unclean water.

Iron and Lead

The water in which iron and lead are present is very harmful to use as iron and lead may cause some serious disease that can surely disturbed your wealth because all knows that “Health is Wealth”.

Therefore, for removing these unwanted bacteria which can be harmful for people. Water treatment is compulsory process that is to be done.