The Latest Additions to KENT’s Cooking Appliance Range

One of the pioneers in the field of cooking and home appliances – KENT has left no stone unturned in bringing the modern technological innovations to home. While the world is moving ahead and adapting smart technology-based applications, premium companies like KENT are not far behind in bringing out a new range of cooking appliances. Every appliance in its range is a blessing in disguise to the Indian families. In this article, we shall be discussing about the latest additions to KENT’s cooking appliance range, which has made all the difference in the Indian kitchens so far.

KENT Fryer & Curry Cooker– An Innovation That Helps in Preparing Fried Items Conveniently

When it comes to convenience and preparing tasty fried dishes, KENT Deep Fryer & Curry Cooker can never be a disappointment. The non-stick surface of the appliance protects the food from getting unnecessarily burnt. This deep fryerlets you cook and eat your favourite fried dishes like nuggets and fries without any hassle. This multipurpose fryer can also double up as a slow cooker and help you prepare tasty slow-cooked curries.

KENT Sandwich Maker – Grill Away Your Breakfast Blues

In today’s world, everyone wishes to eat healthy and tasty food, especially when it comes to breakfast. Many people skip their breakfast regularly, which means inviting all the health-related ailments to their body. With KENT Sandwich Maker to the rescue, you can prepare healthy and tasty sandwiches with healthy fillings for breakfast. You can also prepare grilled sandwiches whenever required and enjoy sumptuous and nutritious breakfast or snacks.

KENT Bread Toaster – A Beginner’s Best Friend

One of the latest additions to the range of cooking appliances, which has served as a boon to the absolute beginners who have started cooking is KENT Bread Toaster. It is easy to operate and make tasty bread toasts in one go. There are five different browning modes so that you can toast as per your requirements. You may choose to add some fillings like vegetables or cheese after taking out the bread from the toaster. This makes a great breakfast in the mornings.

KENT Electric Kettle – The Perfect Boiling Pot for Your Requirements

KENT Electric Kettle helps you to boil water as and when required. Be it for preparing midnight Maggi or coffee, this electric kettle has always served as a multipurpose appliance for those staying in hostels. It is easy to operate and utilise this kettle. Its high capacity to hold around 1.7-1.8L water at once makes it absolutely easy to boil large quantities of water at a time.

While cooking dishes in the kitchen used to be difficult earlier, nowadays with the advent of modern cooking appliances, even people who are running short of time find it absolutely easy to manage the tasks. This has not only improved the lifestyle of the people, but they have also started eating healthy home-cooked food all the time. With time, more appliances will be invented to ease life further.